Homogeneous Tiles

Homogenous tiles are a kind of man-made material for floor covering. They are tough, hard wearing, scratch & stain resistant and long lasting even in areas of high human traffic like foyers of commercial buildings, shopping malls etc.

Homogeneous tiles have very low water absorption and require very little maintenance and are suitable for both residential and commercial areas.

Our range of homogeneous tiles are available in a variety of beautiful colours and finishes, be it polished, semi polished or unpolished, speckled, marble like or plain, you can create your own personal statement.

Standard Size:-

1) 200 x 200 mm
2) 300 x 300mm
3) 600 x 600mm
Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a well-accepted floor and wall covering. We offer a wide range of colours, tones, textures and sizes in the latest fashion trends.

Be it a contemporary office floor design, a striking wall mural at a building’s entrance, an elegant hotel lobby or a laid back, resort style home décor, we have the tiles that you are looking for.

Standard sizes:-

Floor Tiles

200 x 200 mm
300 x 300 mm

Wall Tiles

200 x 200 mm
200 x 250 mm